Mushrooms Guide – Why You Need One

A good online mushrooms guide is all that is needed to design a great homemade mushroom farm that will keep pleasing you with one flush of fungi after another. Growing mushrooms in home conditions is excessively easy, but it does require some knowledge. What you need to learn about is the turf that the fungi need, as well as the temperature and the level of moisture that is required for their growth. You can choose to grow fungi on logs or in containers.

Today, you can find guides that will teach you the fascinating skill of growing mushrooms on logs. All you need is a fresh-cut piece of wood with a particular diameter. Once you obtain it, you will need to drill holes in it and to inoculate them with mycelium. If it’s an older and dryer log, then you will have to soak it in cold water for a day or so. Within a few weeks (depending on the specie that you are growing), you will see clusters of fungi appear. You can use them in salads, grill them in foil, or add them to soups. Either way is going to make for a delicious meal.

The second option is growing them in containers. This has similar requirements, but different materials, namely, compost and sawdust. You will have to inoculate the compost with the mycelia, and cover it with sawdust for protection and water retention. Within a few weeks, you will be able to harvest the first flush and use it in the making of various gourmet meals.

Arm yourself with a good mushrooms guide, and you will be able to indulge in some delicious Shitakes or Enoki within as little as a couple of weeks.

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