Mushroom Growing Guide, Why They’re Necessary.

A comprehensive mushroom growing guide is one of the best ways to learn how to cultivate edible fungi at home. Some of the best guides also come with special software applications that allow for the easy tracking of the entire process. When it comes to cultivating fungi with the aid of a guide, you typically have two main options to choose from – use a log or a container for the inoculation thereof with mycelium.

Logs are believed to make for the healthiest and tastiest fungi, as wood gives them more nourishment. However, growing them in a container also has its advantages. The fungi might have a slightly less pronounced smell or taste, but they will grow much faster in a planter box. Thus, you can start to harvest them much quicker and use them for all of your needs. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to use a guide that teaches growing these fascinating foods on wood, on composted manure, or both.

The main requirements are the same. The fungi need to be kept in a dark, warm, and moist place. The moisture is obviously added artificially, such as by sprinkling the compost with water or soaking the log in a bucket with water. Both, the log and the container can be placed indoors. In fact, it’s recommended to place them indoors; this will help you protect the crops from flies and snails that may wan to have a snack with your fungi. A mushroom growing guide can teach you how to get several large and unharmed (by insects) flushes from the very same log or planter box.

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