Top 7 Best Mushroom Cultivation Books (2021)

A mushroom cultivation book can help you save a lot of money when compared to purchasing individual ready-made kits. All the required materials can be purchased at specialized stores or online and then easily put together. In this article, we will provide sample guidelines for growing large amounts of mushrooms in home conditions, which should help you to get the idea about how easy and affordable it really is.

Let’s say that you want to produce around 200 pounds of fungi a month. First of all, you would need to choose the species that you are interested in growing. The most popular choices are Shitakes, Enoki, and Oyster mushrooms. The first and foremost is to purchase the mycelium of the specie that you want to cultivate. This can be purchased online.

Next, you would need to purchase straw, compost, and large plastic bags. People, who live on farms, or have gardeners, may already have all the required materials at home (with the exception of the mycelia). If you don’t, you can purchase these at Home and Garden stores, or online.

Mix the straw, compost, and mycelia, and wet the mix. Stuff the mix into the plastic bags. Make numerous incisions on the bags for the mushrooms. Place the bags in a dark place for a couple of weeks, at around 65 degrees F. Once this period is over, relocate the bags into a lighter and cooler place. Within a week or two, the mushrooms will start to peak through the holes in the bags, and you can start using them for your culinary needs. All of the above is easy to learn using any good mushroom cultivation book.

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