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Mushroom Growing Books – Getting The Best Ones

Are you looking for a comprehensive mushroom growing book? Today, the Internet makes it easy to locate an eBook on any subject and purchase it online to start your new hobby. Mushroom guides are no exception. These books teach you how to cultivate edible mushrooms in home conditions, as well as how to exactly care for them, in order to collect some of the largest flushes (crops).

Here is a sample of the guidance that you could obtain through an eBook. This is meant for creating a larger mushroom farm (with around 200-400 pounds of fruiting per month). This can be achieved by growing mushrooms indoors. You would need to use straw and other types of compost substrates. The overall sequence in this case is as follows:

Prepare the substrate of straw or sawdust. Steam it in hot water, allow it to cool down and mix with mycelium. Place the mix into bags made of braided polyethylene fibers. The use of fabric bags is not recommended, because they are prone to rotting. After packing, make a few incisions for the mushrooms to grow through. Store the bags at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit in a dark room, until the germination of the mycelium (it will take two to three weeks). Then the bags need to be moved to a less warm, but lighter and more airy room. The fungi will now need around 10-12 hours of light per day. Within 7-10 days, the mushrooms will ripen and give the first crop, followed by a period of rest, and then the fruiting will continue.

All of this and more (creating smaller and larger farms) can be learned using a detailed mushroom growing book available online.

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