Mushroom Farms – Starting Your Own

You can make your own mushroom farm at home, as long as you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and perseverance. The home mushroom cultivation differs from the industrial methods, and you need to choose the methods based on your own requirements, needs, and capabilities.

You can cultivate fungi at home, in any free utility room (the shed, basement, and garage) or outdoors. In the latter case, the most common method is using the stumps, that is, pieces of wood or logs. Here is what this would consist of:

Obtain a log with a diameter of around 6-10 inches, and a length of around 3 feet. The log needs to be sufficiently moist. You can soak the log in water for 2-3 days to get it moist. Next, you would need to make holes in the upper part of the log (using a drill or chisel), where you will place the mycelium. You can stuff the holes with fine sawdust, sunflower husks, etc.

For the mycelium to germinate, the log needs to be placed in a warm, moist and dark place. If you place it outdoors, you can dig its foundation in the ground. Sometimes it’s advised to cover it with a plastic film. Then you will need to wait for a few weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity. The fungi grow rapidly. Once they appear, you will be able to pick them, and let the mycelium rest for 7-10 days.

Today, you can find excellent guides and software online, which will teach you all the fine details of designing a mushroom farm at home.

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