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Mushroom Cultivation Techniques That Work

There are different mushroom cultivation techniques, each designed for particular specie of fungi (shiitake, white button, portabella, and oyster). In this article, we will provide sample guidelines, for you to get an idea about what’s involved in the process of cultivating edible mushrooms in home conditions.

The first and foremost is to decide on what medium to use. There are two main choices – a planter box and a log. The mushrooms that grow on logs (e.g., shiitake) are typically tastier and more nutritious, compared to those growing in sawdust, compost, or dry peat moss. Growing fungi on a log is very easy. You need to inoculate the log with mycelia, then soak it in ice water for about one day, and then place it in a shaded place, either indoors or outdoors. You will need to keep soaking it periodically, and the fungi will start to grow.

The other method is growing them in a container. This includes selecting the types of turf for your fungi, such as compost, sawdust, or peat moss. The selected materials need to be inoculated with mycelia. The box needs to be kept moist, which can be achieved with sprinkling it with water daily. It has to have good ventilation, and needs to be placed in a shaded area with an appropriate temperature. Within a certain period of time, the fungi will start to appear one by one.

As you can see, there are different mushroom cultivation techniques, which will depend on your preferences and the species that you want to cultivate. You can find great eBooks online that come with detailed instructions for using the technique that you like the most.

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