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Learn How to Grow Mushrooms At Home Easily

Today it has become convenient to grow mushrooms at home. If you like mushrooms in your salads and sauces, if you are a gardener who has nothing to grow in the winter, or if you want to educate your children about nature, you can find special eBooks and even software programs for growing edible mushrooms at home.

The guide would teach you how to use compost and inoculate it with white moldy mycelium – the material from which the mushrooms will grow. It will also give you instruction on where to obtain a bag or dry peat moss, which you would need to spread on top of the compost with mycelium. Next, you will need to ruffle the top layer with a fork and sprinkle it with water. Once this is done, your main job is complete.

Now you merely need to find a good place for your mushroom container to stand, and wait for it to fruit. The best place is where there’s no direct sunlight (as this may kill your mycelium). However, the container does not require being placed in the dark. Any indoor premises will do, including a spare room, or a garage. It’s important to keep the container indoors, as outdoors it may get damaged by flies, larvae, and slugs, which enjoy eating mycelium.

The container has to have enough ventilation. You need to water it daily, using a sprinkler. Depending on the type of mushrooms, you may see the first tiny specimens start to appear within merely one week. They will grow quite fast – the young ones will actually double daily. Once their hats open, they are ready to be harvested. As you can see, it’s very easy to grow mushrooms at home. Enjoy your fresh mushrooms!

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