Growing Mushrooms At Home

Growing mushrooms at home is easy and fun. This olden Asian tradition has become extremely popular in the western world, as mushrooms can add to almost any meal with their tender taste, or make for an excellent appetizer with their delicate flesh. Some mushrooms even have the taste similar to that of crabs and oysters. The best point is that growing mushrooms at home is not harder than growing a tropical plant.

The eBooks and software for growing mushrooms will teach you everything you need to do. You will need to get a bag of compost, a bag or dry peat moss, and use the detailed instructions for everything. The instructions will depend on the type of mushrooms that you want to grow. Today, you can choose from a wide selection of cultivated species, including oyster, white button, Portabella mushrooms, and many others.

Once you start the process, you will need to keep your mushroom container moist. In general, it’s enough to water it once a day. The mushroom planter box should be stored at normal room temperature. The container will start to fruit within one to two weeks, but the crop will typically need a bit more time to be harvested. You need to wait until the veil on the mushrooms start to tear and their caps start to separate from the stems. Once this happens, you can start collecting them, which is also easy to do. Simply rotate the mushroom and gently take it out. Once you do, water the planter box again, to replenish the water.

Growing mushrooms at home is an easy process, which will provide you with several crops of fresh fungi to add to your salads and sauces.

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