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Grow Your Own Mushrooms the Easy Way

Are you interested in starting to grow your own mushrooms? There’s hardly anything easier than that. Mushrooms are also a pleasure to cultivate as they grow fast. When it comes to any other plants, you may need months to see any results; when it comes to fungi, it’s merely weeks. Once the young ones appear, they will start to double in size daily.

Depending on the type of fungi that you are interested in growing, you may be able to harvest your crop as soon as a few weeks. The opened caps will indicate that the crops are fully mature and ready to be harvested. They are also easy to pick – simply rotate them, and take them out. Keep in mind that it is best not to cut off the stems, as they will start to decompose in the container, which is not very good for the rest of the flush.

It only takes one preparation and set-up, to keep obtaining new flushes every few weeks or so. You can expect to obtain two large crops, plus several smaller fruiting.

When you grow your own mushrooms at home, there are a few important aspects to keep in mind. Other than watering the fungi and maintaining the right temperature for them, you also need to learn to protect them from contaminants and insects. The good point is that it’s easy to achieve this. If you keep the box at home, then your main enemies are tiny black flies – gnats. You can easily get rid of these by coating the edges of the planter box with vegetable oil, which they will stick to.

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