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Edible Mushrooms – What You Should Know

What are the types of edible mushrooms? There are quite a few actually. In this article, we will describe three types of edible fungi, which you can learn to grow using eBooks and software programs: Shiitake, Oyster, and Enoki mushrooms.

Shiitake has been the pride of Chinese cooking for thousands of years. They have an umbrella-shaped cap that is creamy-brown or dark-brown on top. It can be smooth or covered with scales. The plates under the cap are lighter. Some studies have shown that eating Shiitake lowers cholesterol. The shiitake also contains polysaccharide, which currently is used in medications for treating immune system disorders and cancer. The shiitake can be artificially cultivated outside their natural habitat. These fungi are a useful ancient delicacy.

Oyster mushrooms have a large fleshy rounded cap with a thin edge. The cap is shell-shaped or nearly round. The surface of the cap is smooth, glossy, and often wavy. The color of the cap varies from dark gray or brownish in young mushrooms to ash-gray with a purple tinge in mature ones. The stem is short (sometimes almost imperceptible), dense, often curved. The surface of the stem is white, smooth, and brownish at the base. The flesh is white, thick, soft, juicy, and practically odorless. They have an anise flavor.

Enoki are long, thin white mushrooms that are very popular in Asian cuisine (China, Japan, and Thailand). In nature, Enoki grows on tree stumps. The caps of wild mushrooms are orange-brown, while the caps of the cultivated ones are snow-white. Enoki has a tender, crunchy flesh with a fresh mushroom flavor. These edible mushrooms are a common component for fresh salads (they can be eaten raw). They can also be used in soups and on the barbecue (with fish or poultry). They are easier to cook than other mushrooms. They can be stored for up to a week, in a sealed bag in the refrigerator.

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