Edible Mushroom Spores, What You Should Know

Edible mushroom spores enable us to grow these delicious foods at home. The spores are what fungi use for their reproduction. These are tiny light particles produced by the fruiting body to be carried by air in every direction. There are male and female spores; once they connect the mycelia will start to grow. From the mycelia, there will be another fruiting body, and the reproduction cycle will repeat itself.

If you want to grow edible fungi at home, you can either use their spores or ready-made mycelia. The latter is typically better, as it will take less time to produce the fruiting bodies. The spores or the mycelia can be used for the inoculation of the carrier material, such as a log or composted manure. Once the carrier is inoculated, it needs to be kept in a shaded warm place, and kept moist. In case of a log, you would need to soak it in water within certain time intervals. In case of compost, you would need to sprinkle it with water daily.

Most edible fungi that are popular today, originated from Asian countries. In China and Thailand, the popular fungi are used both, in culinary and medicine. The fungi are a healthy and low fat food that can add to any meal and even improve health. Some of them are known to lower bad cholesterol levels, while others can even aid with the treatment of cancer. All modern edible fungi are also a delicious food that can be added to salads, soups, and sauces. Today, you can arm yourself with an educational guide or software, obtain the edible mushroom spores or mycelia, and start reaping the benefits of these magical foods, just like the Asians.

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