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Edible Mushroom Cultivation At Home

The technology of edible mushroom cultivation at home provides us with numerous options to choose from. Some people choose to use logs as the carrier material, others use containers, and even some use large plastic bags with straw and compost.

When deciding on the way that would fit you best, simply answer a few questions. Do you want to grow a small amount of extremely fragrant fungi, and don’t care that it will take longer? If yes, then use a log. Do you want to cultivate a small amount of fungi that are less fragrant, but that will cultivate quicker? Then use a container. Do you want to grow large amounts of fragrant and delicious fungi fast? If yes, then use large plastic bags filled with compost and straw.

The entire process of cultivation is easy and enjoyable. The carrier material needs to be inoculated with mycelia. Next, it needs to be placed at a certain temperature anywhere on your premises (including indoors), and watered as required. It also needs to be kept away from direct sunlight. As you can see, the process is easy and the possibilities can fit anyone’s preferences and needs.

There are also small kits that come with everything that you need, including inoculated compost or logs. However, these are probably best used for educational purposes, as growing mushrooms with their use would turn out to be quite costly. It could actually be comparable to purchasing fresh fungi at a store. People, who are interested in obtaining larger fruiting at a lower cost, may consider it useful to use a good guide on the methods and techniques of edible mushroom cultivation at home.

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