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Easiest Way to Grow Mushrooms Of Any Variety?

What is the best way to grow mushrooms? Is it hard? There are numerous edible mushrooms that are a snap to grow in home conditions. All you need is the instruction on what tools and materials to use and what to do throughout each step of the cultivation process. Here is a sample of what the process would consist of, if you decide to grow fungi in a planter-box.

You need to start with obtaining a planter of a suitable size, and then filling it with the required materials. The most common choices of materials are composted manure, sawdust, and peat moss. You need to layer these in the box: first a layer of compost (inoculated with mycelia), and then a layer of sawdust or peat moss.

The casing (sawdust or moss) is used to hold water inside, and to protect the mycelia. Once you have everything layered, you need to sprinkle it with a cup of water. Next, take a regular fork and ruffle the top of the casing. Keep in mind that the container needs to have an open top for air ventilation; otherwise, the fungi will not grow. You are done now. Remember to write down the start date on the box.

Next is the choice of a location. The box will need to be placed in a shaded room or outdoors (indoors is the best choice as it will protect your crops from larvae and snails). The box needs to be placed out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

Now you simply need to water the casing, such as sprinkle it once a day. Within a week or two, you will see little mushrooms. You will be able to collect them in about three weeks after the start of the process. Arm yourself with a good guide and you will see just how easy it is to grow mushrooms.

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