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So...What is mushroom Grow Buddy?

mushroom Grow Buddy is the first and only digital mushroom cultivation guide and software program. It teaches you the biology behind edible mushroom cultivation, the basics, different growing techniques and everything in between.

The "digital assistant", or Grow Buddy part of the guide, is the software program which allows you to calculate things like date of completion, dry weights and track yields.

This comprehensive program and book will guide you through how to grow mushrooms at home with ease.

Why use mushroom Grow Buddy?

Growing mushrooms can be very difficult. If you're brand new to mushroom cultivation, you can't afford not to go with mushroom Grow Buddy.

Don't waste your valuable time surfing all over the web for complicated tutorials that make no sense. Instead follow our easy to comprehend guide and go from beginner to advanced in no time at all.

Our course teaches you how to grow edible mushrooms in a way that anyone can understand. It even comes with the first ever edible mushroom cultivating software program which helps you log your progress, make calculations and a lot more.

Mushrooms are an extremely volatile thing to cultivate at home and unlike plants they do not grow from seeds but rather spores which need highly particular conditions to thrive in.

If you don't exactly what you're doing you'll waste tons of money on spores, supplies and substrates just to lose it all due to poor growing practice.

Virtually all species of mushrooms grow on grains and can be cultivated in doors and at home. That's where mushroom Grow Buddy comes in.

Use mushroom Grow Buddy in order to

* Cultivate edible & gourmet mushrooms to sell at local flea markets or food co-ops

* Grow delicious portabella, shiitake and oyster mushrooms to cook your favorite dishes with

* Save THOUSANDS at the grocery store by growing your own premium quality mushrooms

Why Not Just Buy a Grow Kit?

Mushroom growing kits are fantastic...if you only want to grow mushrooms one time. The problem with a kit is it will often only grow one or two batches of your favorite fungus before succumbing to bacteria or mold--the end!

With mushroom Grow Buddy you see exactly how to grow mushrooms without ever needing to use a kit, or if you still choose to use one, how to make that one single kit literally last forever.

Imagine paying just a fraction of your weekly grocery bill on something that will grow food for you and your family for as long as you live.

Using mushroom Grow Buddy you can go from A to Z and discover mushroom cultivation in virtually no time at all. Click here to learn more or purchase right now by clicking here.

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Features (click here to see complete features list).

Grow guide, videos and stealth handbook updated for life.
The one and only edible mushroom cultivation software program.
Calculate approximate date of completion of your grow, dry weight, track your results and more.
Discover how to grow edible mushrooms easily with illustrated and detailed instructions.
Get the scoop on the biology of mushrooms and maintaining sterile conditions for growing.
Features Calculate how many supplies you will need to grow.
Features Access to 50+ pages of professional experience, advice, tips and more.
Features Get "push button" edible mushrooms with the easiest methods possible.
Features Access to the best vendors, resources, and equipment online.
Features Discover how to grow more potent edible mushrooms.
Features Join the growing number of users who are becoming part of the first ever online edible mushroom software, video and grow guide package.

50+ pages of killer information. Detailed table of contents, terminology, glossary and more.
Detailed pictures and information that will help you understand more about the hobby of mushroom cultivation.


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How to grow mushrooms

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Features Get "push button" mushrooms with the easiest methods possible while saving money!
Features Get the scoop on the biology of mushrooms and maintaining sterile conditions for growing.
Features Access to the best vendors, resources, and equipment online.
Features No headaches trying to understand poorly written "teks" scattered across the entire web, mGB is all in one place, saving you valuable time!

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