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How to Grow Mushrooms

How to grow mushrooms? Can you grow them at home? Growing mushrooms is simple, and anyone can do it in their home. All you need is to obtain a guide […]

How to Grow Mushrooms At Home

In this article we will provide sample guidelines on how to grow mushrooms at home. Note that the actual directions will depend on the species that you decide to grow, […]

Mushroom Cultivation Techniques That Work

There are different mushroom cultivation techniques, each designed for particular specie of fungi (shiitake, white button, portabella, and oyster). In this article, we will provide sample guidelines, for you to […]

Mushroom Growing Kits – Any Good or All Rubbish?

The modern mushroom growing kits come in a variety of options. One of the options are kits that have everything you need for cultivating fungi at home, including compost, dry […]

Mushroom Growing Supplies for First Time Cultivators

There is a wide range of mushroom growing supplies available for those who want to start growing fungi at home. The supplies range from compost (either inoculated with mycelium or […]

Home Mushroom Growing System

Are you looking for a complete mushroom growing system? Today, you can find just that online. The system will typically consist of a guide and software that will assist you […]

Mushroom Spores and Fungi Reproduction

Mushroom spores are what fungi use for their reproduction. The number of spores produced by one mushroom can reach millions and sometimes even billions. The spores appear on the inner […]

Edible Mushroom Cultivation At Home

The technology of edible mushroom cultivation at home provides us with numerous options to choose from. Some people choose to use logs as the carrier material, others use containers, and […]

Grow Mushrooms Books That Work?

A grow mushrooms book is a tool that can free you from having to pay the marked up cost of regular commercial kits. The book may come by itself or […]

Mushroom Cultivation Books – Why You Need One?

A mushroom cultivation book can help you save a lot of money when compared to purchasing individual ready-made kits. All the required materials can be purchased at specialized stores or […]